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Dust in German as 'El Greco und Ich'.. Reviews from 2018 - translated to English.

"Refreshing and touching (...).”
Book Market

"A really great, really exciting debut from Mark Thompson."
WDR 5, program "Scala" (West German Broadcasting Co. Radio) 

"Mark Thompson has presented a warm, touching and also exciting story."
Bremen Two Radio

"With this novel, Mark Thompson has not only written a very entertaining, adventurous and touching story about the friendship of two boys, but also a moving and disturbing portrait of a divided nation."
WDR 3, Gutenberg's World 

"The 60-year-old Mark Thompson has succeeded in writing a charming, sometimes thought-provoking debut novel that uses very graphic language and captures the attitude to life of the time well."
New Osnabrück newspaper

"A heartbreaking coming-of-age novel!"
Elle Magazine 

"A short story that has a long lasting effect."
Weser Courier

"In impressive episodes, Thompson brings the American provinces of the late 60s and early 70s to life and confronts his two teenage heroes with the dark side of society and the shocking consequences of racism and the Vietnam War."
Nuremberg Newspaper

"A wonderful book with hilarious and heartbreaking moments."
North Sea Newspaper

"El Greco and I is an amazing debut."
Magdeburg People's Voice

“With his debut novel El Greco and I, Mark Thompson creates a small work of art right away. Unexcited, almost philosophical and sometimes very sad.”
Aachen newspaper

"El Greco and I is a beautiful book (...) that unfolds an arc of suspense that is oriented towards the small things in life that touch us just when they are taken from us and we find ourselves in a quiet corner that actually reserved for impermanence with which we can come to terms; there is no other way.”
Weiner Zeitung (Viennese National Newspaper)

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