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Fabulous review of DUST from 'WithLoveForBooks'

Book Review - Dust by Mark Thompson

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Review by Suze

J.J. and Tony, or El Greco, are best friends. They live in a small town where nothing seems to happen. They spend their time smoking cigarettes and getting into trouble they can usually talk themselves out of. They are slowly growing up while speaking about women, sex, cigarettes, murder and more. Even though their town is far from dynamic there are some things that make their daily routine a lot more exciting.

J.J. and El Greco are inseparable and they would love to go on an adventure. They get the chance when J.J.'s father takes them on a road trip. Of course this is an excellent opportunity to find out how much trouble they can get into. However, being away from the protected small town life brings a lot more challenges and not every kind of trouble is innocent and easy to get out of. This trip will change J.J. and El Greco's worldview forever.

Dust is a beautiful story about an incredible friendship. J.J. and El Greco aren't bad kids, they're bored and they're regular boys making the mischief that goes with being in one's early teens. I loved them immediately. They have a special bond, they're clueless in some ways, they're kind in essence and they see everything life has to offer as a chance. I loved their antics, their easy camaraderie and their lust for life. Mark Thompson skillfully writes about what's important when you're trying to kill time and do something cool in a small town at that age. I loved how well he understands his main characters, which makes the story a brilliant read.

Dust isn't just a lighthearted book about two boys and their pranks, it goes much deeper than that. The story has multiple emotional layers, deals with heartbreaking issues and gives a good idea of what people's days would have been like at the end of the sixties and beginning of the seventies of the twentieth century. The story is filled with surprising twists and turns and ends in a fantastic moving way. Mark Thompson has written a really impressive book, a story that will stay with me for many years.


If you love beautiful moving stories about boys growing up in a small town Dust is an absolute must-read.

Posted by With Love for Books at 11:43 PM

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