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DUST - Lovely review from Linda Green @BooksOfAllKinds

Release date - 8th September 2016 Book Length - 208 pages Available on - | www, |

El Greco, aka Tony, and JJ Walsh are more than just best friends. Growing up together in small town America during the late 60's, with all of its trials and tribulations, has made them blood brothers. What JJ lacks, El Greco more than makes up for, and together they create trouble and havoc around them. Throughout this story, we learn about life and all of its complexities - death, sadness, abandonment, illness, heartbreak - as the two young boys face their emotions and disappointments. When they travel on a road trip with JJ's father, they unearth a new world, one outside of their usual restrictions, and while its beauty and novelty enamour them, the harsh reality of US history at the time is brought to light through the eyes of these children. And at times of tragedy, the ever-burning question of God and humanity comes to light. But through all of their highs and lows is the dust, constant in its existence. DUST by Mark Thompson is a powerful novel centred around two young men who are both at different crossroads in their lives. JJ, who longs to be more like his best friend, questions everything and yearns for more from life. El Greco believes that they will all have to face a test in their lives and that that will determine everything. Through highs and lows their friendship remains strong, and through their actions, we, as the readers, get to see American life come alive at that time - in all of its beauty and viciousness. DUST by Mark Thompson left an impact on me. He is a gifted storyteller and after I turned the last page I could not get the imagery and the characters out of my mind, and I found myself re-reading parts of the story. DUST is a truly special book and one that everyone should read. BOOK RATING - 📖📖📖📖📖 5+

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